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Ride Hard, Get Cash!

We created a social app exclusively for SPORTS USERS, where you will be able to compete in BATTLES created by brands for you. For the hard-core we created Best Trick Battles, were your trick will be rated by the public and other users. For the social, we created Power Battles, where you can use your followers or friends to give you Power (likes) and win the money. Finally we created the Challenges and Eastereggs for everyone, call it amateur or pro, you can get this money and keep doing your sport. Propoints is our money currency, and can be used to gear-up, travel or buying incredible experiences.



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Why is this free?

It's very simple. Instead of just paying for a banner or a post to be shown, the Brands and local businesses will create competitions for you, where you can Win Money! So every time you see a logo, it means there is some cash waiting for you. Buy Giftcards from Local Businesses and Brands to get anything you want.


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10 propoints = €1.00

  • Earn your Propoints by competing in the Battles, finding the Eastereggs or completing the Challenges, or simply by inviting friends to Join the Tribe!
  • Bet your Propoints in Private Battles with your friends.
  • Use your Propoints to buy Giftcards from the Brands and Local Businesses that are creating Battles for you and your friends.
  • Find the Brands, Stores, or Local Businesses  where you can buy Giftcards at the Map section.
  • You will receive an email with your Giftcard, that you will be able to exchange at the physical or electronic store from the brand.

F. A. Q

  • Is this app FREE? or do I neeed to pay to compete?

    No, Pro Tribe works for you. The Propoints and other prizes you can earn inside the app come from the Sponsors directly. Your only job is to keep riding hard!

  • Why are competitions divided in sports and categories?

    At Pro Tribe we try to make relevant competitions for the users. Sometime we create general competitions, and sometime focused ones. This helps users to improve in different aspects of their sport practice.

  • Who is responsible for judging the Battles?

    Every sponsor creates their own Battles, EasterEggs and Challenges, as well as the rules for them. Sponsors are responsible for judging them and to follow the content in them. Those who cheat, get banned.


  • Can I cash out my Propoints into real money?

    We want to make sure the money that is earned inside the app is used correctly. That is why the only way you can used them is by buying Giftcards from the sponsors or products related to sports inside


  • What happens when I see content that is illegal, immoral or unethical?

    All content has a “report” button, that you can use to tell us when something is going wrong. If you don't find this button, please contact us. We will take care of it ASAP.


  • Can I share my activities on other Social Media?

    We strongly suggest you to use your own social media followers to win in the Battles, so yes! You can share your activities as a link on any platform. There is also a specialized sharing options for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


Local Businesses and Brands Best Option.

During this COVID times, there is a way of doing sport events..


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